Braving the cold for the perfect shot

The Polar Plunge

Students in the South Media Program have the expertise and ability to stream the 2017 Special Olympics Polar Plunge both online and to national television. See the completed stream on the right.

Source: GCI


Live December 16, 2017


Changing the PERCEPTION of

High School Students

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Where Creatives Come to Compete

South's Video Awards


Student's work

Hard Work Pays Off

South's 2017 Video Awards held on May 5th drew in hundreds of community members to gather around and celebrate one thing, videography. With over 6o pieces of content being submitted, there was a great pool of talent to see. This is the library of that content.

it is recommended to use a desktop computer to view content on the collection. SIGNIFICANT data usage may apply with image loading and video streaming.


It all started here

The Video Announcements

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Keep Your Claws Sharp, Wolverines

The Content That Started it All - The Video Announcements is what brought this program to South. We have been producing daily video announcements for the past 3 years at South and we are ready to begin our 4th year.


News for you, by you

Our news broadcast is created based on the content sent in by the South Community. Need to share some important news with the school? This is the place to do it.

here's the lineup

Need a refresher on the announcements? See all the discussed information, mentioned links, and access more daily content with the lineup. This is updated daily.

archived for the past 3 years

All of our announcements are available on YouTube for the past 3 years. Watch today's broadcast, or take a trip down history lane and see content from 2014.