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End Credits//eden

Music video of End Credits by eden. Filmed with Canon t6i/50mm f 1.4/50mm f 1.8


Ian McLeod

Will Lord

Savannah Curtis


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Extraordinary Man

"Extraordinary Man" is the true story of Charles L. Simmons, Sr., who grew up in desperate poverty in the hills of Virginia. In 1949 At the age of 16, in an effort to escape the life he'd been given, he lied about his age and joined the Army. He was promptly tossed onto a transport ship and sent to post WWII occupied Japan. After his arrival, the Army discovered he was underage and put him back on a ship to the United States where he was honorably discharged. A handful of years later he joined the United States Air Force, where he made a 20 year career. While serving in the Air Force, at the age of 36 and with four children at home ranging in age from 2 - 15, Charles found that he couldn't sit at home in the U.S. and watch America's young men being sent to the Jungles of Vietnam. He volunteered to fight alongside his brothers, and in 1969 was stationed at Phan Rang Air Base (deceptively called "Happy Valley"). While there the air base endured constant perimeter breaches, suicide assaults, and rockets raining down from the surrounding mountains. At the end of his tour in Vietnam, Charles returned to the U.S. and the family made their way to Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska where he served until his retirement, having earned the rank of Master Sergeant. Upon retiring, Charles dedicated his life to his spiritual calling as a pastor and teacher, which he continues to this day (2017). A 7th grade dropout, Charles went on to earn his G.E.D., a bachelor's degree, masters degree, and his Doctorate in Counseling. He is truly an Extraordinary Man, and the hero in our house. 

"Extraordinary Man" by Brother Will (Featuring Kristofer Simmons) is now available for download from these, and many other online services: 

Apple iTunes 

Google Play 

Amazon Prime Music 

CD Baby


Kristofer Simmons

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The Revelation

A life changing event will change your life forever.


Zong Muas

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The enigma

Nessa wakes up in the woods to a scream. She has no idea where she is and how she got there. Slowly memories begin to come back and she realizes that something is after her...and will never leave.


Ellie Sexauer

Madison Smith

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A first person perspective on transitions in life during difficult times.


Corinne Johnson

Gavin Cullings

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Cat detective

There was no description provided for this video.

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Ghost Town

A film showing the grand beauty of the Alaskan wilderness.


Hamish Wolfe

Zong Muas

Emily Robinson

ghost town.jpg


Student made music video for Highly Suspect's "Lydia". Inspired by early 90's MTV music videos, Lydia utilizes breathtaking aerial shots taken from the Phantom 3 Pro mixed with handheld DSLR to give a unsettling/hectic feel.


Nicholas Pierson

Matthew Brandt

Lydia Thumbnail.png

Alyeska Resort: Past to Present

This video was made for the Alyeska Resort Point N' Chute video competition at well as SAHS Video Awards. It shows Alyeska at its best and I hope you enjoy:)) -Luke Bredar, CFHD Productions


Luke Bredar


The Betrayal

An epic battle of rivals that will rock this world to the core and they will leave nothing in their path, we are all at the mercy of the betrayal


Peter Jackson

James Allen

Tyler Perrault

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The circle of life.


Molly McCabe

Olivia Campbell

Sophia Campbell


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Love$ick- Mura Masa

Music video Love$ick-Mura Masa


Written and Edited by Cree Gillilan

Directed and Produced by Megan Funsch

Starring Jared Henning and Cree Gillilan

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The Legend of the Vape God

This video tells of the legend of the Vape God and his quest to recover his holy vape from the ordinary mortal, Johnny Johnson.


Ian Vollstedt

Kris Simmons

Marshall Robinson

vapegod thumb.png

Ryan Lee Bridge Project

We went to a bridge over a rivine, decided it'd be cool to set up a rope system. We repelled, tight roped, and rope swung.


Ryan lee

Olli Anderson

Dallas Dietrich

Edited by Zong Moua

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Descent to Earth

When a man made mission back to earth goes unexpectedly offline Dr. Rosalind and Lt. Cooper are sent to investigate. While tensions are high between the two of them they realize that they are not alone.


Michael Kropp

Grayson Davey

Written by Wyatt Skala.


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After a breakup, Rob heads to an old memory...


Written and Directed by Quinlan Fitzpatrick

With Ellie Moore and Trevor Bailly

Thanks to Christian Fey

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Doppelgangers in the form of their previous works terrorize Peter, Tyler, Alex and James.


James Allen

Rowan Wiese

Jared Noble



the mcstuff clan

A film depicting the family of the famed Angus McSmartstuff.


Hamish Wolfe


Challenge Alaska 

Challenge Alaska is a therapeutical recreational program that helps people with any disabilities.


Ian McLeod

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Spring Captures

Photographer finding out what spring is all about.


Zanden McMullen


Shape of you 

A music video from the poplar overplayed song "Shape of You".


Grayson Davey

Michael Kropp

Kaylie Ball


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Alaska In Motion

Shows the transition between winter and summer in motion.


Jagger Marshall

Carter Eaton

VA Thumbnail.jpg

Looking into japan

A compilation of shots Kate Steiner took while in Japan. They focus on the life and natural beauty of the culture and environment.


Kate Steiner

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A man goes on an adventure flying through the beautiful Alaskan scenery.


Zong Muas

Hamish Wolfe

Emily Robinson



The Duel

A sword duel between two young warriors


Jarod Catchpole


The Duel tunmbnail.PNG

Just The Two of Us - Bill Withers

This video has been muted due to copyright infringement.

No description was provided for this film.


No producers were provided for this film.

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Drone Circuit

A few friends decide to have an intense and speedy drone race!


Austin Williams
Connor Settle
James Allen

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My Movie_1

No description was provided for this film.


No producers were provided for this film.

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Agent Average

No description was provided for this film.


Kyle Borland & Hunter Martin

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Alaska Drone Montage 2016

This is a montage of all my aerial shots from 2016! Enjoy!


Madison Smith

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2016 Polar Plunge Anchorage, AK

I had fun filming my second polar plunge video and hope to be going to the event next year. Thanks to AlaskaAerialMedia for the additional footage. -Luke Bredar, CFHD Productions


Luke Bredar



Someone who'd rather be doing other things

7d mark i t6i rokinon 50mm f1.4 sigma 17-50 f2.8


Ben Michaelson

Special help Ian McLeod, Will Lord

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 7.01.34 PM.png

Walking around goldenview

A group of four people walking around Goldenview to a song


James Santoro

Alex Pugyao

Alex Rivera

VA Thumbnail2.jpg

First World Problems

Nothing is more devastating than the trials and tribulations of upper middle class high school students at an unspecified Southside school.


Sabrina Sexauer

Ellie Sexauer

Katie Hosking



A girl that can see ghosts panics when one starts talking with her.


Stephanie Lewis

Sarah Mostoller

Mariah Juarez

Erin McLeod

Jon-Weasley Kwaitkowski




This video is based on the truth within stereotypes.


Rio Merriman

Kaylie Ball

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The vlog is back?

Opening night shenanigans of the cast of Little Women, put on by SAHS Theatre


Grace Goodyear
Ellie Moore



Nerf Matthias Trailer

Trailer of upcoming video projects. Once combined, all videos will be part of a large movie. This showcases some of the best shots from the 1st film.


Faith Dundas

Austin Crabtree

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 8.54.29 AM.png

Beauty of Alaska

Shots of the Beauty of Alaska.


Noah Winsor

Michael Stoddard


Damn Cat

We never saw that cat again.

Made with FireAlpaca and Premiere Pro


Myla Garcia